Jesus, the perfect love picture

There was no greater way to display His love for humanity than laying down His life for us.
After this, the greatest commandment He gave us was to love one another; to represent that perfect act of love on the cross.
He showed us how to relay this love to others, by loving one another, irrespective of our differences.
Now how do we reciprocate this love unto Him? Obedience! He asked us to abide in His love. How? By keeping his commandments, by obeying His commandments! Just the same way He abides in His Father’s love by obedience.
That is how the love of God can be manifested in our lives, as He showers His blessings lavishly on us because He trusts that we will relay the love to the world.
So we become God’s ‘business partners’, more appropriately, friends of God and no more servants. We play a key role in God’s quest to show His love to the world. We have a relationship with Jesus, we are also a ‘hose’, a channel for reflecting and propagating God’s love to humanity.
Remember, a bigger hose carries more love and more blessing. A hose that is always in use never goes dry, meaning a carrier of God’s love never lacks.
Endeavor to increase the capacity of your hose and make sure its free and clean!

Inspired through the Spirit by: John 15:9-17

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