From Fisherman to Fisher of men

We are thankful that we have the Spirit of God freely in our time, we don’t need to be at a meeting where the mortal Jesus is before we can encounter Him, experience the power of God and receive blessings. The Holy Spirit is now living freely in the hearts of men who have been activated through His strength to proclaim Jesus with power through several media which is available to us to use to spread the gospel.
In the days of old, people came from all walks life, far and near to sit at the feet of Jesus to fed the word and power. This is what brought about the first encounter between Jesus and the first High Priest of the church, Peter.
Through obedience, Peter witnessed the power of God for the first time and also discovered his destiny. From that time, Peter was promoted from a fisherman to a fisher of men.
As a result of that, Peter received an eye of understanding of some Spiritual things which enabled Him to identify Jesus as the son of God. It was from there that Peter’s destiny was established as the rock upon which the Church is built.

Inspired by: Luke 5:1-11

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