Sherpherd’s Magnet

It is utterly amazing to have the Almighty creator as your Shepherd. That is why we lack nothing. We have to be aware of our Shepherd who feeds, guides and shields us, so we have no right to lack.
In the second verse of the famous psalm(Ps 23), David talks of lying down in green pastures and being led beside still waters. Our good Shepherd always wants the best for His sheep so He always provides us with the best in life; joy, love, peace and hope that is never cut short.
Our Shepherd never wants to see us weary, not to talk of seeing us unworthy in the eyes of the Father. He intercedes on our behalf, so we are always in right standing with the Father. In that same way He refreshes and restores us.
We therefore have no right to be afraid no matter what life sends us through. Being afraid means we do not trust in the strength and might of our Shepherd who is always willing to be there for us even more than we need or desire. That is why He makes a show of us in the presence of our enemies. They cannot come near us because of the protective mechanism of our Shepherd.
Finally, He leaves us with His goodness and mercy, meaning nothing evil shall happen to us and even when we falter, His love quickly erases us when we come back, and draws us back to Him with the ‘power of a magnet’. He is actually with us no matter where we are in this world. Hallelujah!

Inspired by: Psalm 23

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